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Let’s start at the beginning…I’m a missionary/pastor/evangelist/teacher/preacher’s daughter who’s grown up travelling around the world going from church to church.  I’ve sat in every type of pew in a church you can imagine and have been privileged to learn life’s lessons on the road for Jesus.  Every day was a new adventure until it came time to start my own.

Jenny Cupido

At 17 I went to Bible College in Ontario, Canada then a year later moved to London where I fell madly in love with my Prince Charming, Tyron.  At 19 we were married and at 21 I had my first baby and at 25 I had my fourth.   I am now 20 something living in West Sussex, England and am part of an awesome local church and still learning amazing lessons in faith, marriage and motherhood that I would love to share with you.

Tyron and Jenny Cupido SittingInThewPew

Being a wife, mother and leader is a full-time job and one I want to succeed at.  Through hard work and God’s grace I know anything is possible.  My mission: to transform the world one person at a time.

I’d love to hear from you, get in touch at and don’t forget to follow me to never miss a post.

8 thoughts on “Get to know Me

  1. I found your blog on a link up and loved the one I read but now I’m hooked! I’m a missionary wife in Uganda with little kids too. I’m excited to start following your journey!

    • So glad we connected Kayla! My pastors are in Uganda this week, how great is that. Your blog is so beautiful as is your family. How long have you been in Uganda? Are you there permanently? If you ever need a layover in the UK let me know! xx Jenny

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