Jet, Set, Go!

Something very exciting is happening this weekend.  I’m actually getting on an airplane and flying away for the weekend!  Now, the flight is less than an hour long and the weekend will be spent at a conference, but this is still BIG news for me!

And even though I’m not technically leaving the country nor do I need to use my passport I am still majorly excited at the thought of ‘travelling’.  A weekend away on the Isle of Man for a women’s conference is a perfect way to get my ‘sea legs’ back.  This will also be the first time since I’ve had kids that I will be away from all of them and my husband.  I’m not worried at all about the kids because they will be having a blast with daddy, who is astoundingly good at taking care of them single handedly – what a guy!

I’m excited about being in a new place, meeting new people, travelling with my girlfriends and hearing from God.  I love conferences, and am always so expectant.  I love being together worshiping, praying and hearing God’s word spoken.  It gives me fresh perspective, new vision and passion for the next season.

In anticipation of my trip I have already planned every outfit and created a mental list of every item to go in my weekend bag.  Now, even though I love clothes, I am not a heavy packer and am happy with the bare necessities on my travels (my husband is already trying to convince me to take just one extra pair of trousers in case I want to change in the evening – ain’t gonna happen).   I have no problem living out of a suitcase and will never take things that need hanging or ironing (which I never do anyway).  It’s a two night stay so one pair of shoes, two pairs of trousers and tops with vests for layering up if the weather gets cold.  Here’s a  look at my travel outfit.

Jenny's travel style

Jenny's travel style

Jenny's travel style

A classic mac and a colourful scarf are lightweight enough for travel and versatile for the tricky Autumn weather.

Jenny's travel style

Jenny's travel style

Jenny's travel style

Jenny's travel style

Travel, in my mind, means comfy clothing.  Leggings and a knit top are practically outdoor pyjamas.  A statement necklace adds instant style to any outfit and with some easy slip on shoes you’re out the door in no time and with no fuss.

Jenny's travel style


Jacket: old, Scarf: old, Knit Tunic: H&M (similar here), Leggings: H&M, Shoes: Topshop, Necklace: New Look (similar here)

What are your travel essentials?  Until next time…

15 thoughts on “Jet, Set, Go!

  1. I hope that you have a wonderful time away at your conference. Your travel outfit looks great – classy and comfortable! Love your shoes!

    • Thanks so much Belindah. I’m just getting my suitcase out today so I’m not just throwing things in last minute. Tomorrow I’ll be cooking some meals for the family while I’m away even though I’m pretty sure they’ll spend most of their dinners at McDonalds Ha!

    • Thanks Ali! Do you ever get that feeling just when you hit publish of, ‘oh no is this going to be really embarrassing?’ Lol so appreciate your encouragement. I’m do excited about the weekend. Xx

  2. Your outfit is so cute. I love the layering. I could tell right away from the pictures that you are living in England. The moss gave it away. I used to live in England many years ago. I miss it. Enjoy your trip and I hope it is a blessing.

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