Life without sugar (almost)

Life without sugar (almost)

So I’ve been promising an update on life since ditching sugar.  It seems to work it’s way into most conversations I have these days and I know many of you have not only considered trying it but have dove right in head first.  That is so exciting!

My first week without sugar was in fact, not without sugar.  I headed to home group and was greeted by the most ridiculously gorgeous home made meringue with home made raspberry confit and dark chocolate.  Who can turn that down!  Well, I didn’t.  I had more than my fair share and it was amazing and I walked away with a happy tummy and pounding headache.

So then I woke up the next day and squeezed out every ounce of my willpower to make it through the next week without a single granule of sugar.  It was tough – I ain’t gonna lie to you, so tough.  But I made it through my first week and I was in serious withdrawal phase.  I would fantasise about chocolate for most of the day, usually post meal and especially at night.  I got shaky, excessively tired and a little bit cranky (okay more than a little).  Then came week two and you know what, I started to feel good, then great.

My energy has lasted me longer through the day, no more spikes and troughs, and certainly no morning hangovers – brilliant.  Then three weeks in I decided to cut myself a little slack and ate a few squares of 70% dark chocolate…major heartburn alert!  It was so painful and I felt gross and a little bit sick after.  Lesson learned.

But of course, our bodies do need sugar so I started tucking into two to three apples a day and at least two bananas to keep the cravings at bay.  That’s quite a lot of sugar, but I was desperate to replace what my body was aching for.  Then my bestie had a birthday and we went for afternoon tea, my absolute favourite.  And seeing as I was making huge leaps in my new way of eating I happily tucked into a gluten free afternoon tea.  The dizziness returned and my body was surging with sugar.  Not a great feeling.

I wondered if there would ever be a balance for my body, if I would be able to find that sweet spot where I could enjoy treats, still be healthy and not suffer consequences.  In the past two weeks I’ve had a very small treat on the weekends.  I’ve had a few After Eights and some chocolate macaroons, but one things for sure, my body really doesn’t need the sugar.  No matter how little the sweet it leaves me feeling worse.

I no longer get the shakes for sugar and I’ve stopped eating bananas, just looking at them makes me feel that sugar overload.  My body seems to have retrained itself to function without sugar, and I feel better than ever.

If you’ve cut out sugar I’d love hear how you’ve been finding it and what your approach has been.


13 thoughts on “Life without sugar (almost)

  1. I have been shocked since coming to America for our visit here. There is sugar in everything! The nation is eating itself into the grave. It’s almost impossible to buy a salad in any restaurant, not matter how high end it is without sugar in the dressing. The only way to avoid it is for us to go to the supermarket ourselves and buy food. The food industry has gone sugar and salt crazy. Thanks for reminding all of us to take the healthier options.

  2. I tried off and on for years to ditch sugar, but I was making a lot of allowances, and pretty soon I was back to eating it every day. About a month ago, I finally just said, “I don’t eat sugar!” And I haven’t! Yes, it’s still in some things that I eat – like milk and salad dressing and bread. I don’t worry about that. I am also cutting way back on milk, wheat, and soy. Bananas were my favorite fruit, along with fresh pineapple. I haven’t eaten either of those. I posted here about my change in eating habits:

    • Soinds like youre serious about dropping sugar! Well done. I dont eat wheat either or any grains and that has made an enormous dufference in my health. I wiuld highly recommend. I love recipes from Danielle Waklers cookbook Against All Grain. Shes amazing at making super delicious food withoyt all the junk in it. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I ditched sugar about 4 days ago. I am still in the withdrawal phase. I’ve been avoiding fruit (just this week) to help me go cold turkey! Glad to read you are eating healthy!

  4. Love your post. I hope to do something like you soon! I’m currently travelling and I’m eating so badly! I have recently found such a nice sugar free yogurt tho 🙂 onwards and upwards! Xx xx

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