My Farewell to Summer

My farewell to SummerI am so sorry this post is so late – again.  My laptop is dying a very slow death and killing my patience along with it!  I’ve struggled for two days to upload these pictures but had to persevere otherwise they would become irrelevant and I would never see them again.

So last week I took the kiddies up the road for a walk in the woods.  We went suited up in our joggers and wellies and set out for a great adventure.  It was the first time I went where I didn’t have to hold Lula the entire time.  She was running around and getting fully involved in all the fun.  There is a little stream that flows through the woods and of course the kids all ended up in it.  They were breaking damns, building bridges and finding fairy houses.

It was absolutely wonderful, but of course I forgot my camera so I can’t share any of those lovely moments with you.  They were all working together, discovering new things and getting a bit dangerous and ultimately incredibly wet and dirty playing in the stream.  I had to promise we would return the next day to get them home for dinner!

But the next day I woke up and realised we all had bug bites.  Only….I had about 50 of them, all over my body.  There were even clusters of three or four in one spot that just merged into giant red mounds.  But no biggie, I went through the day as usual without noticing them much.  The next day we head to town for the always lengthy and arduous task of buying school uniforms and I start to feel not so well.  My body feels as if it’s flushing hot and cold and I start to feel ever so slightly nauseous.

We made it home without any drama – I am a mother after all, there’s no time for mummy melt downs! I got myself to the doctor ASAP.  And, oh yes, infected bug bites – E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E.  So I haven’t slept in three nights and I’m taking antibiotics and slathering anti-itch ointment all over. This was not the end to the Summer I had in mind, but at least I didn’t catch malaria!!

So I’m saying farewell to Summer which has been full of Birthday’s, outdoor adventures, climbing every single tree they see, getting wet with every drop of water they could find and plenty of pyjama days filled with cuddles, kisses and tickle fights.  I can’t believe how much we’ve all enjoyed this Summer despite the lack of actual ‘holiday’, no money and most days spent at home.  The kids have been completely lovely and I have cherished every minute.  Here’s our best bits in pictures.

What was your best bit of Summer?

7 thoughts on “My Farewell to Summer

  1. Stopping in from Messy Marriage. Your photos are so precious. I hope your bug bites are better soon. My favorite part of Summer was our trip to California to see our daughter and take our favorite drive along the Big Sur Coastline. It is breathtaking and never fails to leave us feeling like God is everywhere around there in the beauty. We also rented the most beautiful beach house for a few days in Newport and met the nicest people. We had one of the most amazing God moments of our life while there. We will never forget it.

    • I saw your photo dump and it inspired me to post my Summer pics otherwise you never see them again!! My husband took the good ones and the not so great ones are mine. Wanting to get better with a camera.

  2. Gah! Hope those bites heal quickly. We are just kissing winter goodbye as we head into spring here. Enjoying getting our skin back out in the sunshine again. When Summer comes we’ll take good care of it for you until your next turn 🙂

    • My husband is from South Africa and it still blows my mind that the other side of the work is in a completely different season! So cool hearing from and Aussie!! Have a great summer. X

  3. Sounds like yur summer was wonderful and full of living our life. I pray your bug bites are so much better. Precious pictures of great memories! I am stipping by from Essential Thing Devotions Linkup. Have a blessed weekend.

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