Plan For Success

plan for success

We’re heading into September – a new season and school year.  I have absolutely loved the Summer.  Laying in bed as long as possible most mornings, not getting dressed till lunch time and staying up late snuggling with my hubby watching drangon’s den and rom-com’s.  It’s been fun and relaxing but it is coming to an end.  

As a family we’re looking ahead at the rest of year with laser sharp focus to plan for success.  We are planning out every day of the week to coordinate school, work, study, blogging and our budding business.  I’m getting quite excited at the challenges this new season will bring.  And I’ll be having a Birthday this week, so what’s not to love about September!  

We’re getting lean and mean with our finances, health, time and productivity.  And I know that to achieve our goals we need to make a plan and stick to it.  There’s no point in chasing a dream if you don’t plan for its success.  

There are many things we want to change about our family habits.  Quitting sugar is definitely the top of my list, especially after my dad shared this article – anyone else out there have a two year old sugar addict??  Rising early to read the Word and daily exercise is next, followed by a very detailed work/study schedule for my husband and I.  It won’t be easy, but it most certainly will not get boring.  With new challenges comes new adventures.  We have signed up for one crazy ride and we’re poised at the starting line.  

So will you join me as I head into this new season geared up for action?  I’d love to hear what your goals are for the next season.  Follow me on Facebook, twitter, and instagram and share your journey!  Who’s with me?

make a plan & Stick to it

4 thoughts on “Plan For Success

    • My plans tend to be for very far in the future. My husband gives me the support to work through the here and now to reach the end goal. I love dreaming, but God always stretches it as we’re on the journey.

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