How To Rest And Not Feel Guilty

How to rest and not feel guilty

I absolutely love the weekends.  I still get super excited that my hubby gets to stay home, the family time we’ll have and all the fun stuff we’ll get up to.  I love that all 6 of us end up on our bed at some point in the morning and that we’ll always tickle/wrestle to get everyone out of our bed.  But come Monday I’m exhausted.

Saturday’s are full of errands, adventure, fun and maybe a bit of work for me with blogging or my new business.  Sunday’s are 100% devoted to church.  We love being part of a  local church and give it our full attention.  We’re there early to set up, welcome and worship God together.  We spend half the day at church and sometimes go on to a lunch somewhere with friends or have people round for coffee and dessert in the afternoon.

Monday’s have become my rest day.  A day for me to catch up on things at home, get the kids back into routine and do absolutely nothing else.  I try at all costs to not have visitors or go out somewhere.  I just rest.  This can be one of the hardest things for us mum’s to schedule into our week.  But it’s one of the most important days.  Without it I easily burn out, get incredibly frustrated with my kids, get behind on house work and get mean with my husband.  One day of chilling is all it takes to give my body and mind enough rest to recharge and get focused on marriage, family and work.

The week’s can be long and the weekends can be a bit overkill sometimes so I know that come Monday I will not be up for chit chat or any expeditions.  I’ve had to learn my limits and how to stay within them.  I used to never need time to myself.  But as I’ve had more children and as they’ve aged I’ve realised that I need mental and physical space to enjoy where I’m at.

Don’t feel guilty about resting.  It’s necessary and important.  And remember that every mother has a different capacity.  Some mother’s have an endless capacity and never seem to reach their limits.  They have lots and lots of children and never seem to get tired or frustrated.  Then there are mother’s of one or two who may find every day a struggle.  It’s okay!!

Take the time to figure out your capacity and limits and stick within them.  Fit in rest each week and find what works for you and your family.

Happy resting!


What’s your way of recharging?  Do you have a certain time or day just to rest?

35 thoughts on “How To Rest And Not Feel Guilty

  1. I agree, it is so important to find time to rest! My husband and I are newlyweds and he is a pastor. We try to make our Saturdays our Sabbath day since Sunday is so busy. The key is to realize that we need a day of rest for it restores us. God knew what he was doing when He commanded a sabbath day!

    • Now is the time to get into the habit of rest Rebekah. Life will only get more busy for you and your husband needs you on his side at all times. Make sure you have time for each other and a breather for yourself to give all you have for your marriage and ministry. Blessings to you!! X

  2. Hi Jenny, you are so right. It took me quite a while to not feel guilty about being at home with my children and taking moments to just chill! But, those moments made me a better mom and wife in some small way. Great post and thanks for linking up
    God bless

    • We can be very hard in ourselves as mothers but I do believe in the power of rest. God needed rest and so do we! Soak in energy and fresh perspective as you have space and time to gain strength for what’s ahead. Thanks for sharing Tracy!

  3. It is so true, we shouldn’t feel guilty about resting! After all, God does call us to come to Him and find rest for our souls – and certainly there is always something for us to learn, a way for us to grow in Christ when we find our rest in Him.

  4. I have to remind myself this every week – I have a great hubby who holds me accountable to resting otherwise it’s so easy to keep on going. A timely reminder today – glad I came across it on Winsome Wednesday 🙂

    • Hi Tania, yes some of us find it easier to rest and some of us just need more rest than other mums. But the most important thing is that we take the time to get ourselves back on focus to be effective in every area of our lives. Blessings! xx

  5. Hello, I’m stopping by from the Wise Woman Link-up. 🙂 I needed to hear this today. I’ve been struggling with a terrible headache all week long and was feeling guilty for resting again today, but apparently it is what my body needs. Thanks for sharing!
    Jen 🙂

    • Hi Jen thanks for sharing. When you’re ill it’s always important to rest to recover quicker. Trust in The Lord and let his strength be made perfect on your weakness! I’ll be praying for you! Xx

  6. My time/day changes, but rarely is it a whole day. 🙂 Right now, it is at about 1 in the afternoon. The kids just began all being at school the whole day and this is when the kid I babysit goes home and my husband heads back to work. (We are blessed to be able to have him come home for lunches most days.) I take the time to do a few things for myself without feeling guilty. Usually about an hour or so. There is some productivity in it, but it is mainly things I like to do. When/If more kids are added, this will change again. When the kids were younger it was the 5:30 – 6:30 a.m. time that I took as a rest period. I find that if I can do just a bit of what I like to do without anyone bothering me, then the rest of my day/week goes better. If I spend all day giving and giving then my temper runs short.

  7. I needed to read this today. I always struggle with feeling guilty when I take a moment to rest, but we all know it is so important!
    Thanks for sharing!
    FYI I found you on the Titus Tuesdays link up party!

    • Hi Sarah! So glad you found me. It’s funny how us women can so easily feel guilty for resting even though we know it’s necessary. The better we get at making rest part of our routine the more we reap the blessing of it. Thanks for sharing Sarah. X

  8. Just found your blog and loving it! I totally agree with this, it’s so important to rest but it’s so hard to do. On Sunday mornings I rush around trying to get everything done, but really I want to be resting, enjoying time with my husband and daughter and anticipating church that morning.

    Tomorrow I will try to rest – the housework will still be there when we get home!

    Thanks for the post x

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  10. Visiting from the Make a Difference linkup. You make such a valid point – we all need rest. For many, it truly may not happen over the weekends which tend to be busy. But may we take the time, at whichever day works for us, to recharge & take time to rest. We will be better off for it. And so will our families 🙂

    • Hi Joanne, I used to have a couple of hours to myself most Saturday mornings, but that has past now and have now been finding rest in putting on my headphones in the evenings and listening to music, zoning out and getting to bed early. So glad you stopped by! x

    • Hi Delora, it’s something a lot of us mum’s are guilty of! And yes we can be a bit of a train wreck by the end of the day, let alone the end of the week! I hope you spend some time this week planning your time to rest, relax and have fun so you can enjoy all the things you have in your life. Blessings! xx

  11. So true. Your example makes it very clear that we don’t have to be bound by societies calendar of rest days (weekends). As a homeschool family, and self employed, my times of rest have changed as my family has grown. When they were little my rest time was their nap time and sometimes even into the afternoon as they played happily outside or watched a DVD. I think mums need to be creative – and your blog post certainly encourages mums to start thinking when and how they can take that time to rest.

    • Hi Belinda, thanks so much for your lovely comment. We sound quite similar in regards to getting flexible with when and how we rest. It’s just something that has to be done! So grateful for your thoughts. x

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  13. Such good advice! I miss those days when all the boys would dog-pile in our bed:) – sweet. sweet. times! Resting and refreshing – we all need to carve a little of that out to depressurize and listen for Him!

  14. I need rest. I struggle because I go to work on Mondays, and I still feel tired from the weekend. Sundays are totally devoted to church as well, and that is work in a way. I need to figure out how to feel renewed on Monday so I start out the week well!

    • I totally hear you! Life is so manic at times we can’t even take the time to figure out when we’re able to rest because we literally never stop! But I did write on how to schedule in rest here. I hope it helps give you ideas on how to fit in more rest in your week so that you can do a better job with all your responsibilities and enjoy it more at the same time! Blessings, xx

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