Choosing the Best Baby Routine

Choosing the best baby routine Have I mentioned how clueless I was when I first became a mother??  Okay, so I’m pretty sure everyone knows that by now. Maternal instinct did not rise up within me guiding my every waking, and half asleep moment, of the day.  My maternal ways were so poor we ended up in hospital with our 2 week old baby underweight and underfed.  It was breaking point for me.  We spent 15 hours in hospital. I went home completely exhausted and terrified and decided to get myself armed and ready for raising my baby (to at least survive, I wasn’t aiming high in that moment).  I bought baby formula from the 24hr store and decided to listen to my mother more and read up on how to feed a baby.  I was one determined new mother so even though I had to supplement my baby with formula I pressed on with breastfeeding for a full year.  But I realised that my baby’s ‘cues’ and my maternal instincts were not cutting it. We both needed some help.  So I started reading ‘The New Contended Little Baby Book:  The Secret to Calm and Confident Parenting’ by Gina Ford.  Now this book is hated by midwives, but loved by many a first time mother.  Frankly, I don’t care how you feel about this book, it literally saved my babies life – and my sanity.  I didn’t know how often I needed to feed my baby, how much sleep they were supposed to have and how often I should change their nappy.  I needed to be told.  Going with the flow, reading my baby, and doing things on-demand was slowly starving my baby. I have quite a few baby guide books, and this one worked wonders for me.  I returned to it with every baby, but used it more and more as a guideline than a rule book the more confident I became as a mother.  I went out and bought every other book by Gina Ford and have been so grateful for her entirely detailed formula for raising babies and toddlers.  But that was just what was helpful to me! The most important thing for choosing a routine is one that is keeping you and your baby healthy and happy.  When you have a newborn you can very easily get information overload, conflicting information or be left completely in the dark.  Finding one or two mothers further down the road to share experiences and doing my own homework is how I found my feet in motherhood. Whatever ‘method’ or ‘routine’ you chose give it a week before giving up and moving on.  It takes a minimum of 3 days to create a routine or habit for a baby and longer the older they get.  Creating a routine takes determination and perseverance, but routine is something human beings thrive on, not just babies. It’s not always just my baby who needs to get into a routine but me.  Getting yourself into a routine will help give you the focus and energy you need as a mother.  Waking up and going to bed at the same time every day is the best place to start.  It’s scientifically proven to give you better rest and more energy for your day. Do you use a baby routine?  What’s your favourite??

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