How To Really Enjoy Summer Holidays

How To Really Enjoy Summer Holidays

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit behind on the blog but Summer holidays are in full swing and our weekends have been busy so far with little time for writing.  So far our Summer has been fun and relaxing with the kids enjoying each other’s company and having loads of fun.  But this hasn’t just happened by accident.  I have spent some time thinking of how I will get through the days with all four kids at home and keeping them happy, busy and relaxed.  This year we have no holiday plans away so we’ll be making the most of our time at home.

We live in amongst the beautiful countryside with plenty to entertain.  But it’s easy to for kids to wear themselves out and start arguing over who took the last strawberry.  So to keep things simple and fun here is my little routine to get us through the Summer.

1. Eat breakfast together as a family.

With no tight, busy morning schedule to stick to we can take our time at the breakfast table and we’ve been enjoying some extra yummy one’s.  American pancakes are a big favourite for our kids and they can make the batter and flip the pancakes too!  We’ve been enjoying our extended breakfasts with lots of giggles and funny stories to share.

2. Have some quiet Bible time.

Normally we run through some Bible versus at the breakfast table but now we’re reading through a little kiddy version of My Utmost for His Highest.  The kids are doing so well at sitting altogether, listening and sharing.  Building a love for the Word is something to treasure.

3. Quiet time during nap time.

My youngest still takes a nice big long midday nap and I find all the other kids have a big dip in energy at this same time.  We’ve watched a few movies but some days I even get them all into their beds for a little nap.  The whole house goes quiet and all of us get the rest we need to make it through the afternoon.

4. Outside in the afternoon.

I’m not very big on going out with all the kids.  I find it very exhausting and expensive, but I do want my kids to enjoy the Summer while it lasts so I get them to play outside for most of the afternoon.  I’ve noticed that they like to be outdoors from around 3pm onwards as it is just a bit too hot for them until then.

5.  Stick to the same bedtime routine.

Over the half term breaks I get so relieved that to have a nice break that I can really let things slip when it comes to bed time.  But I’ve learned that this makes them more grumpy and tired and starts to bring on a lot more whining when you do try to finally get them into bed.  So we had given them a Summer bedtime of 8 o’clock (rather than 7) and have tried our best to stick to it.  Also making sure they have that same wind down time in the bath and with a good story to help them ease into sleep makes all the difference.

Now we’re off to enjoy the sunshine outside!  What are your Summer holiday tips?  

4 thoughts on “How To Really Enjoy Summer Holidays

  1. Great post! We don’t have any little kids in the house still (we range in ages from 25-13 I’m right smack in the middle;) But these are still very helpful! Thanks so much! ❤

    • Thanks Laura. I find it so crazy how kids can so easily not go outside! I have to actually tell them to go outside and play. But they always enjoy themselves when they do. Have a great Summer!!

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