4 Reasons I Love My 4 Kids

4 Reasons I Love My 4 Kids

Growing up I had no affinity to children.  I didn’t enjoy babysitting or helping in the creche.  I didn’t go all doey eyed over a newborn and I had never even thought about having my own some day.  But God had another plan for me and as soon as I was married we started talking about expanding our family.

With every baby that came along I knew that God was giving them to me as a gift and that he had a great plan for them.  But I know that he has a plan for me in raising them as well.  My children have taught me so much about my character flaws, my strengths and weaknesses, my passions and deep desires.

We’re into the second week of summer holiday’s and have just had an incredible weekend away at church camp and I loved every minute together as a family.  So I thought I would share the things I love the most about my children.

1. They’ve taught me about unconditional love.

I never understood how Christ could have loved us unconditionally until I had children.  The love is unparalleled and still astounds me.

2. They give me new mercy every morning.

No matter what has happened the day before, we all wake up with a whole new love for each other.

 3. They make me laugh every day.

Kids are soooooo funny, from their hilarious statements, strange questions or explanations and crazy expressions.

4. They’ve taught me patience.

The more children I had the more patience I certainly needed, but I actually surprised myself when I had my first baby at how patient I was with her.  I am actually a very impatient person and like to live life in fast forward, but my children have taught me that patience really is a virtue and that the kindness comes from patience.

What do you love about your kids?


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