What Did Jesus Ever Do For Me?

What did Jesus do for me?

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss about Jesus is?  Do you find it hard to lift your hands in worship, sing at the top of your lungs or pray out loud, tithe in church and live your life by Jesus’ example?  Why do we do all this?  What’s the point?  I was reading in Numbers today (yes, it’s August and I’ve only made it to Numbers!).  Not the most inspiring book of the Bible, it’s God’s law written down in every single detail.  And boy – are there a lot of details.  A rams head for this, an unblemished calf for that, a bit of wheat flour and clay for that and a little goats blood for this.  Clothes, food, marriage, adultery, murder, stealing and on and on – each one had a written law and way of coming to God to ask for forgiveness.  It’s tedious to read, but how much more tedious it must have been to live by!

When I was a teenager I loved God, but couldn’t understand how other’s seemed so thankful for Jesus dying on the cross.  Why some would cry every time they worshiped God or read the Bible out of pure gratitude and thankfulness.  How do you serve a God when you feel he hasn’t done anything for you?  But Jesus did something for all of us, even if don’t know it.  

When Jesus died on the cross he removed the ‘curse of the law’ (Galatians 3:13).  Living under all those rules and regulations was a curse of Adam and Eve’s sin.  It made it almost impossible to live a holy life and be worthy of entering heaven.  They had to watch every word, thought and action and if one was out of place they had to usually go kill something to say sorry.  That’s pretty extreme and must have gotten incredibly tiresome.

But Jesus’ death removed all of that.  He was the ultimate sacrifice.  The shedding of his blood was more than enough to sacrifice to forgive every sin for eternity.  That’s why we Christians no longer slaughter sheep, goats and bulls and splatter blood and burn incense and spend weeks asking for God’s forgiveness.  We are living in the freedom of Jesus Christ’s grace.  That alone is something I will sing my heart out in thanks for!

So REJOICE!!  Be thankful to God that you are free to live life in the grace of his new covenant.  You have instantaneous forgiveness of sins when you repent.  You have immediate access to the throne room of God through the Holy Spirit.  We all now get to enter into the ‘inner room’ for we have been washed by the blood of Jesus.

So what are you thankful to God for today??

7 thoughts on “What Did Jesus Ever Do For Me?

  1. Great post! Jesus and His sacrifice can really only be understood if we understand the Old Testament since He came in fulfillment of it- so appreciate how you explained the law versus grace!
    -S.L. Payne, uncommongrace.net

  2. Stopping in from Wedded Wednesday. Jesus saved us from ourselves. We should be thanking Him daily for His unending grace and mercy. To be able to live with Him forever – think of what the alternative was! I will live with joy. Very well said.

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