Are My Children a Blessing?

Are My Children a Blessing?

We have returned home after a little mini break.  And wow, was it refreshing.  Good sleep, quiet mornings and lazy days was just the boost we needed before heading into Summer holidays with the kids.  Coming home to our children was such a joy with all of them hugging, kissing and shouting out ‘Mummy, Daddy!’ at the top of their lungs.  And of course they haven’t left our side since we returned.  I was so blessed to hear that they had nothing but fun for the two days we were away.  I am so thankful for our children.  I look at them all and wonder how they got to be mine!

Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from Him.  Psalm 127:3

If you don’t feel like that about your children taking some time to rest and realign can be helpful in showing you the things that matter most in your life.  I love my children whole heartedly and they require every ounce of my energy, stamina and will power to raise them up to love the Lord.  But they’re worth it.  They’re souls in eternity is worth the 5am wake ups, the sleepless nights, milk spills, clothes stains, runny noses and endless questions.

I am privilaged to have four healthy children.  It is not my right.  God has blessed me with them and I want to serve my God by serving my children in love to be an example of His love.  So I want to encourage you this morning to love your children as christ has loved you, for he has given them to you as a gift.



2 thoughts on “Are My Children a Blessing?

  1. I don’t have kids of my own, but I teach in a Christian high school & know the privilege it is taht God has brought me into those kids’ lives. Thanks for this great reminder. I’m stopping in from the blog link-up. Blessings!

    • Thanks for stopping by. I’ll check out your blog too. So glad to hear you could relate to the article even though you don’t have kids. What a privilege to show God’s love to so many children! Be blessed.

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