How To Be A Great Hostess

How To Be a Great Hostess

I don’t know about you, but I love going round to people’s homes. It’s such an insight into their world.  And when you’ve been round to enough homes you will have run into issue like using the toilet that wasn’t flushed by the previous user, or the tea served with lumpy milk, or having to sit on couches covered in pet hair and milk spills.  I have walked through homes where I could smell a dog and wait to have it leap up on me only to discover…there’s no dog.  I’ve also been invited round to  homes only to be ignored the whole time because they had to get all the chores done. 

I’m blessed to have many people walk through our doors every week and I am always returning to the skills my mother taught me.  Theses are simple things that make a huge difference to welcoming people into your home.  Here are my keys for success as a great hostess:

1. Treat every visitor as an honoured guest

This is the first step to making visitors feel like you want them there.  Every home has an atmosphere that people walk into.  If you’re not feeling up for guests they will sense that.  Welcome them in with a smile and warm heart.  It’s the biggest blessing and the best memory they’ll have from visiting your home.

2. Serve your best

If you serve a cup of tea in your oldest, smallest mug with the tea bag left in it and tell them to do their own milk and sugar, again you’re sending the message that you’re not happy to see them. No matter how long or short someone is staying with us I always make a pot of tea and serve it on a tray with milk, sugar, biscuits (if available) and our best mugs.

3. Keep your house clean and tidy

Now this may not always be possible, but this is a great advantage to keeping your house clew and tidy and eliminates a lot of stress when you have unexpected visitors.

4. Be yourself

This is really the key to good company.  If we stand on too much ceremony many times the room falls to silence.  Be yourself and meet your guests wherever they are.  If they’ve just come off an international flight show them to their room and give them time to rest.  If they’re coming for a quick chat put the errands and chores on hold and give them your full attention.

What are your best tips for being  a great hostess?


5 thoughts on “How To Be A Great Hostess

  1. Great tips Jenny! It is so true that your guests will pick up on if you aren’t into their visit. Growing up in Southern U.S. we were taught from an early age that you always must be prepared to welcome in guests. It can be a challenge sometimes but so worth the visit. Thank you so much for sharing your tips! 🙂

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