How to Organise your Entire Life

How to Organise your entire Life Birthday parties, appointments, play dates, meetings.  With 6 people in the family they all add up very quickly.  And what about all the post, info sheets, invitations and forms.  They pile up very fast.  Sometimes I feel I have information coming out of my ears and it’s all supposed to nestle neatly inside my head. I used to be absolutely brilliant at remembering everything without the need for a Filofax or google calendar but now that there are a lot more people involved in my life there is something I need that goes way beyond that – a command centre.  The time in my life where I realised I needed a central command centre in my house came right after I had my fourth baby.  I missed every single post-natal check up, immunisation and weigh-in.  I was completely lost.  And then three weeks later my oldest child started school and the paper work started flowing in so fast I didn’t even know they could turn trees into paper that quick! So here is my solution.  A central point where all paperwork and dates are placed.  If you Pinterest ‘command centre’  you’ll find some truly beautiful one’s.  There are whole sections of a home dedicated to such things, but for now, mine must reside in my bedroom taped up against the side of my wardrobe.  Not the classiest place, but it’s right on my way in and out of my bedroom so both my husband and I are able to easily check what’s happening that day.  I can add extra notes to each day on the weekly calendar which really help as some days can get pretty crowded! Here’s a peek at mine. Command Centre I have a monthly calendar and a weekly calendar from Staples in the Martha Stewart range.  They just stick right on to any surface and are dry erase – brilliant.  Then I added from the same range a little place to jot down notes and to-do’s and a paper holder to collect all that endless paperwork to keep things flowing in and out. Command Centre I use different colour pens to mark different people (blue for mummy, black for daddy, and red for kiddies).  And I just keep them all clipped inside the paper holder for quick access.  And I added the pretty chalkboard stick on to keep my mind focused on why I’m doing all this crazy scheduling and organising. Sources: Dry Erase Monthly Planner £5.39 Dry Erase Weekly Planner 40X15cm £4.07 Chalkboard Decal £7.00 Dry Erase Sheet  £4.07 Double Vertical Pocket  £8.66   How to you organise your family??  Let me know in the comments!

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