How To Have Peace in Chaos

How to Have Peace in chaos

The older I get the more distractions there seem to be in life.  I’m constantly meeting new people, making friends, discovering new ideas, hobbies and work and it can very quickly get very busy.  But as hard as we try to simplify things it doesn’t necessarily make us less busy.   Because even though we’re organised we still have a lot of work that needs doing.  So how do we keep our focus and our heart on Jesus when there is just so much to do! 

We are commanded to keep the Kingdom of God our first priority and always remain in Him.  Sticking to this as our first priority is the secret to unlocking peace and purpose in our lives.  Hard work is hard work and stress can easily start to creep in as birthday parties get missed (I can never keep track of them all!), mummy wakes up late and makes everybody late, dinner isn’t cooked on time, and nappies forget to be changed.  It can all get out of hand very quickly and suddenly we’re living with chaos and anxiety.  
So how do we keep our focus on Jesus and walk in peace and purpose rather than chaos and stress?  

1. Start with prayer – always, always, always going straight to God first and laying everything at his feet.  Philippians 4:6  

Giving our worries, concerns, our to-do lists and life long dreams and short term goals to Jesus is the surest way to walking in peace and purpose.  God has the best plan for us but by trying to do everything by ourselves just makes it more difficult.   If we give God our plans he’ll realign our priorities to help us get where we need to go.  

2. Walk in humility – admitting that our way isn’t working and turning to God for guidance is a humbling experience. Proverbs 22:4  

Living in denial that if it’s not working we’re not trying hard enough is a recipe for a nervous break-down!  We need to be willing to reveal our weaknesses to God to gain from His strength.  

3. Work With Jesus – His yoke is easy and his burden is light.  Matthew 11:29-30

Being connected and working together with Jesus stops us from striving in our own strength and start trusting in His strength.  A yoke is usually designed to connect two ox together to dissipate weight making it easier to go a longer distance in a shorter amount of time.  So often we forget to use the yoke and instead try carrying our bucket loads in our hands.  We’re working harder and slower on our own, but using a yoke we connect with God and go farther faster.  If we connect to the yoke of God we are promised rest for our souls – now that sounds good to me!

5 thoughts on “How To Have Peace in Chaos

  1. Thanks for this! I clicked on your post because I feel constantly surrounded by chaos (homeschooling mom of 4) and yet my heart longs for peace and wisdom from Him. Appreciate these practical steps 🙂

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