Do I Have to Go to Church?

Do I have to go to Church?  Find out God's purpose for Church.

We can easily forget the purpose of church when there is so many people there.  The church belongs to Christ.  It was created by him to fulfil his purpose and will on the earth.  We as believers are all part of it whether we attend a church service or not.  But if we miss showing up to church we’re robbing ourselves and others of God’s blessing.  Your pastor needs you, your home group leader needs you, the children need you, the parents need you, the person on your left and your right need you there – but most importantly God needs you at church.

Your simple smile and ‘hello’ can make a persons day.  Your shared experience could bring hope to someone and your prayers could bring healing and freedom to others.  A church scattered is of little use but a church united is a powerful force.  We need to be together to worship God, receive strength, direction, healing, encouragement and vision.

I remember as a teenager coming downstairs one Sunday morning complaining of a sore throat and headache to which my dad’s reply was, ‘well the best place for you to be is Church where people can pray for your healing.’  End. Of. Discussion.  There’s no arguing with that!

I’ve gone to church when I’ve been on my own with four kids or with illness or violent nausea or even with severe depression. There have been times I’ve walked into church not wanting to be there and having an expression on my face letting everybody know that.  But I always, always, always come away refreshed and encouraged by God and His church.  It’s easy for us to hide and withdraw when we’re going through difficult seasons, or find something better to do with our Sunday mornings, but church really is where it’s at.

If you’re sick, depressed or hurt, if you’re feeling ashamed, or hiding in sin then Chruch is the best place for you to be.  And if the sun is shining and its the one day of the week that is perfect beach weather church is still the place to be and if its freezing cold and raining like the days of Noah we still need to get ourselves to church.  So often we hide or withdraw from church thinking that we don’t want to put up with all the people.  But we’re there to meet with God not just people.  Church is not just for us, it’s for others and more importantly for dedicating our time and worship to God.  Don’t let yourself be robbed of God’s blessing by missing church.  Make it a priority and dedicate your Sunday mornings to church and just assign it in your mind as ‘God’s time’.

I would highly recommend reading ‘Heaven is in this House‘ by Bobbie Houston to learn more about the function and purpose of church.  It completely changed my mindset of church after reading it.

 And let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds, not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another…  Hebrews 1:24-25

3 thoughts on “Do I Have to Go to Church?

  1. I stopped going to church when someone came up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder…which is something you never, ever do. My wife saw what was about to happen and shoved him away before I could flatten the poor chap.

    I have PTSD, and was very well-trained to respond quickly and forcefully to stimuli. It’s not really a safe combination to have. The only way to wake me is to throw something at me…and then RUN.

    It’s a moot point now, because physical illness precludes riding in a car, much less being able to meaningfully participate in a service at the end of a ride

    But I miss the sound of people singing.

    • Hi Andrew I thought this was a great comment as we are not always aware of where people are at when we see them in church. We do need to be sensitive to meet people where they are at, but I still believe it is important for christians to gather together on a regular basis despite of personal circumstance. Mid week small groups are another great way to be encouraged without the overwhelming presence of so many people. Be blessed as you draw near to God!

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