Pride & Prejudice

Does Love Overcome Pride & Prejudice

I feel incredibly blessed to live in this beautiful country rich in history and culture and filled with green trees, rolling hills and pebbled beaches.  There really is no other place like it.  I have always seen myself as British being born and raised here, however as soon as I open my mouth to say hello I am reminded of how un-British I really am.  I am constantly having to justify my nationality and explain how a British person could possibly have an American accent.  Yes I am British and American and yes I grew up in England and the States.

When I was about 13 and living in the States I was talking to a lady in church who was asking about where we had come from and what brought us to North Carolina.  After explaining our dual nationality and how we did end up there she replied ‘Oh, so you really don’t have a home then’.  Ouch.  She had no idea what she was implying with that one sentence, but it has always stuck with me. I wasn’t angry or crushed to tears, but I was hurt.  Why would she say something so hurtful?  What’s wrong with being raised in two countries?  Absolutely nothing.

As I write this I’m sitting in a very gorgeous English Manor drinking tea from a beautiful bone china tea set.  Pannelled wood walls surround me with crystal chandeliers and a grand piano next to my table.  I am instantly transported back to the Regency era and as each lady walks past I imagine them in gorgeous flowing gowns with their hair tightly curled and pinned into place wearing lace gloves and white ribbons.  It reminds me of Pride & Prejudice and how even though our customs, laws and clothes have changed I realise how little our mindsets have.  We may no longer be racist but prejudice still remains.  

We become prejudice towards how people dress, talk, drink their tea, wash their laundry, spend their money, cook their food, what hobbies they enjoy and on and on it goes.  What does it all mean?  There are over 7 billion people on the planet and every single one of us is created completely different.  God is the God of diversity and unity.  He makes all things new but work together in one Spirit.

But just like in the Jane Austen novel let love overcome Pride & Prejudice.  My prayer today is that we will put aside our culture and traditions and look to God and take on his culture and mindset.  To be able to love one another as Christ loved us we must take on His nature and put aside our own.  We all have pride and prejudice but Christ’s love overcomes.

 Our citizenship is in heaven so let’s be of one mind united in thought and purpose. Phillipians 3:20, 1 Corinthians 1:10

4 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice

  1. HI Jenny – I am visiting from Rachel Wojo, I agree with you. I was reading today about how diverse the Israelites were when they came out of Egypt and how Moses married an Ethiopian woman but others complained because she was black. Even then it was a matter of pride and prejudice but may we all realise just how beautiful our diversity is as children of God and that we are part of one family! Have a blessed day! Aliyah (

  2. “My prayer today is that we will put aside our culture and traditions and look to God and take on his culture and mindset. To be able to love one another as Christ loved us we must take on His nature and put aside our own.”

    Loved this! …as well as the English literature referenced…

    Thanks for sharing!

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