What Is Praying In The Spirit?


What Is Praying in the Spirit?

Do you have a desire to pray but struggle to do it?  Do you feel the urge to pray for someone or something but don’t know where to start or finish?  Was that prayer long enough?  It was pretty short, God probably doesn’t think I’m serious about it.  I should try again later.  

If this sounds familiar I’m going to show you how praying in the Spirit will open up a whole new world to your prayer life and release freedom, blessing and faith.  Speaking in tongues in the new testament was a gift of the spirit that was used to draw people to God, build up faith and communicate directly with God.   There’s so much value in the gift of tongues that has either been crushed by our ego’s or ‘lost in translation’.  It’s not for me, it’s not for the church, it’s not for today.  But it is – even when the early church was misusing the gift of tongues Paul taught how to correctly use it, but finished by saying do not forbid it (1 Corinthians 14:39).

Do you know that the enemy doesn’t want you to have the gifts of the Spirit and that Christ offers all of them to you?  We simply have to chose to accept them and we are told to eagerly desire these gifts. (1 Corinthians 14:1)

It is meant for everyone who calls themselves a follower of Christ.  Because if Jesus said it, did it or commanded it, it is for us and it is for today.  He left the Holy Spirit as it was of more value than Christ in the flesh.  Wow, that is the power of the Holy Spirit.  The power of the Spirit is of greater value to us than God in flesh.   

Prayer is talking to God and many times our words can fail us.  We need to connect to God Spirit-to-Spirit. So try praying with your heavenly language and not just your own words and let the Holy Spirit guide your heart and mind.(1 Corinthians 14:14)

And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. Ephesians 6:18

Speaking in tongues is not gibberish. It is not nonsense.  Praying in the Spirit is speaking directly with God and releases His power in our lives.*  We don’t understand what we’re saying, but our Spirit does and it is a direct connection with God.*

If you have a desire to connect with God, to feel his presence and know him more, speaking in tongues is a key to that connection.

If you’re trying to just use your body to connect with God through words, thoughts and actions you’re missing the point of the Cross.  He came to set our Spirit free.  Our Spirit is what connects with God, it’s what is made new and comes alive when we accept Christ.**  One of the ways to awaken the Spirit of Christ within you is through praying in the Spirit.  Don’t let it just sit dormant in you waiting to go heaven at the end of your life.  Activate your faith through praying in the spirit.  A whole new world of communication and intimacy will be opened by this one simple gift and even helps keep us from sin.

Praying in the Spirit builds your faith, edifies your Spirit and release the power of God. ***


*I Corinthians 14:2

**John 3:5

*** Jude 1:20




4 thoughts on “What Is Praying In The Spirit?

  1. This is an interesting subject for me; my feelings may highlight some of my many deficiencies!

    For me, speaking in tongues distances me from God. I’m in a situation which really requires a straightforward connection with the Almighty, through prayer that I can understand, and without any kind of ‘spiritual overlay’.I’m going through a kind of physical Isandlwana, and feel the need to keep my faculties and communication clear.

    But I doubt that I would be able to use prayer in the Spirit effectively in any case, because, first, I’ve never had trouble with prayer, and second, it’s simply not something to which I feel any kind of call. Same thing with ‘giving praise with upraised hands’; if God doesn’t know I’m on His side when I’m quiet, a public demonstration of fervor in church certainly isn’t going to convince Him.

    I do sometimes envy those who can pray in the Spirit, or lose themselves in praise (people like my wife!). They can travel to a land I can’t even see. Good on them.

  2. Interesting post today! As a high schooler, I was involved in a charismatic church where people spoke in tongues and being younger I was not truly understanding what it was all about. I agree that praying in the spirit is important but I have found that I sense the spirit’s presence when I am praying in unison with Him. it is amazing but not every prayer becomes this spiritual experience because we are rushing to check off our “to do prayer list”. Thank you for your perspective today. Visiting you from Rachel’s link up! Blessings, Mary!

    • Hi Mary, this is such a great point. We must always pray God’s will and be led by the holy spirit. Being led by the spirit is not just praying in tongues but in all kinds of prayer as it says in Ephesians 6:18.

      I hope you are encouraged in your prayers as you connect with God by the leading of the Holy Spirit. Be blessed! x

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