More Natural Make up – Bellapierre Review

I was in TK Maxx the other week trying to waste time and just stumbled upon this awesome find – as you always do in TK Maxx.  A Bellapierre Flawless Complexion kit in Medium for an absolute bargain price of £9.99.  This normally retails at £49.99 so I just couldn’t pass it up – which is exactly why I try to avoid wasting time in TK Maxx, I can never resist a good bargain.

This is a 100% natural mineral make up kit ,which is my first.  Minerals have been a big buzz in the beauty world for a few years now, but I never felt the need to catch on as powders never really excited me much.  My make up kit is mostly made up of creams.  But I was incredibly surprised by these products.  In the box is included:

  • 1 x Mineral Foundation in Cinnamon 4g
  • 1 x Mineral Blush in MB004 Suede 4g
  • 1 x Kabuki Brush
  • 1 x Make Up Base

After reading a few quick instructions on the box I set to work and started off with the make up base as a concealer around my eyes, which for a Medium colour range seemed incredibly pale.  But as soon as I made contact with this cream I fell in love.  It is honestly the smoothest creamiest thing.  You can barely feel it on your fingertips and even less on your face, but it brings a great result in brightening up the whole eye area.  I then got the Kubuki brush and tapped out some mineral foundation powder into the lid (as directed) and started brushing/rubbing it in all over my face.  I kept looking closely in the mirror to see if it was doing anything or even getting on my face as I couldn’t feel anything.  But I took a step back and my face was made new.  My skin was flawless just like the box had promised and I had only used a few sprinkles worth of the powder.

I then used the make up base to highlight on my nose, forehead, brow bone, and chin.  I got out the blush, which looked a bit dark for me so I made sure I went really light with the blush.  A quick brush on both cheeks and I was done and covered in the most natural pink hue.  I took another step back and I was all done in under 3 minutes and had a completely flawless and very polished look.

I went about my business for the day and was so shocked to find that at 10:30pm that night my face was still flawless.  Nothing had faded or rubbed off in places.  Not even the concealer.  I tell you I am so enjoying these all natural make up products.  For me there is absolutely no need to buy any mainstream brand as I’ve gotten equal and even better results switching to natural make up.

I would highly recommend this kit if you are new to make up or really don’t like to feel or see make up  on your face.  I would also recommend this for any skin type.  I was concerned that having a mattifying effect the mineral foundation would feel uncomfortable on my dry skin, but quite the opposite instead.  I don’t even feel these powders on my skin, it stays put all day and gives fantastic coverage with no effort at all.

Bellapierre is a great place to start off when purchasing make up as they have lots of box kits with great simple instructions, which makes it easy to get everything you need in one go without trying to figure it all out or buying the wrong colour of something, which is very annoying.  I went with the Medium colour kit for my ‘summer’ skin shade, but I can see this would work all year round.

So unless you can grab one at your local TK Maxx you can buy it at a great price here, but make sure you select the right colour.  But I would highly recommend going for their full starter kit which has a few added products and a DVD instruction at

And here’s how it looks.  It started to rain so we had to use flash once the make up was on.

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