How Do I Get Close To God?


Do you ever feel the urge to just spend more time with God?  Like he’s somehow waiting for you to meet with him.  The only problem is you don’t know where he is and you can never seem to get to him.  I once heard a preacher say ‘you are as close to God right now as you want to be’.  That hit me like a ton of bricks.  THE PRESSURE!!!!  You mean it’s up to me how well my relationship with God is going?  I decide how close to God I am??

I am married to a completely wonderful and amazing man whom I love entirely.  But life can so easily get busy enough for us to hardly have a real conversation.  And after a while of this rushing around, quick chats and good-bye kisses I start to feel a need for more.  My heart starts to long for a deeper connection with the man I call husband.  I want to hold him and be held, to listen and be heard, to share and connect.  Being married is just not enough sometimes.  I long to go deeper in our relationship.

And this is exactly how our God feels about us because being a Christian is just not enough sometimes.  He is constantly craving more time with us, to share with us, to connect in a whole new way.  But do we feel the same way?  I’ve been getting very busy in the last month and have just had so much to do that making time to connect has been lost.  But I am feeling drawn in by my saviour.  To come closer, lean into him and listen.  He has something for me.  I feel as if he’s just waiting to give it to me – but I have to go and get it.  He’s not going to leave it outside my door to just pick up on my way out.  I need to go to his house, sit on his couch and spend some real time with him.  But how do I get there?

I start with worship to welcome his presence, I move to prayer at the urging of the spirit and study the Bible to hear the word he has for me.  And he always, always, always has something for me.  His love never runs dry, it never fades or wanes.  I simply have to chose to go to his house, spend time with him and receive what he has for me.

Come close to God, and God will come close to you.  James 4:8

7 thoughts on “How Do I Get Close To God?

  1. I was having some of these same thoughts last night… so thirsty for God, so tired of surviving on a few minutes here and there. And so thankful that He is always waiting for us to run to Him, always ready to receive us and hear us. But you’re right – it is up to us to do the GOING. It is up to us to make sure our hearts are pure, our sin is confessed, and our minds are focused on HIM alone.

    He gives us both the desire and the ability to know Him more! So thankful for this reminder today. Glad to find your link at RachelWojo’s today!

    • Thanks Kaylene. I’ve been reading through a lot of your posts and loving it. So glad to be joined together in this journey! Your posts make me shout out AMEN!

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