From Bad To Worse To Breakthrough


Have you ever been in a season where things have just gone from bad to worse right after you’ve been given a great ‘promise’ from God?  But what’s the point of the promise God if life is just going to be miserable until I get it??   Something new struck me reading through the story of Moses again.  God was setting a precedent through the release of the Isrealites.  He needed to set an example not just for Pharaoh and the Egyptians but the entire world for all of time.  That’s quite a large audience over a very long time frame.  But God always has eternity in mind, unlike us.  We want results and answers now that will benefit us now so that we can enjoy the blessing now.

God sees a much bigger picture and his plan is to always reach the world throughout all time.  So he told Moses at the burning bush that Pharaoh would be stubborn and that his heart would be hardened.  God knew that things were going to get a whole lot worse for the Isrealites before they got better. But this was all part of God’s plan.  Sometimes this can be hard to swallow.  But I thought God only wants good things for me?

God’s promises are always true and never changing.  But when our circumstances go from bad to worse it’s easy to lose sight of the promise and wonder whether God is still on our side.  But if God is with us who can be against us*!  We have to be confident in our faith and love for God otherwise we can turn bitter and easily walk away from the promises of God for our life.

The Isrealites were all suffering in slavery and then when Moses showed up to set them ‘free’ their work load was double and they were punished and persecuted even more.  What kind of help is Moses to us?  He’s not setting us free he’s enslaving us even more . But in the midst of this God began to show his wonder and power.  Boils, locusts, fleas, bullfrogs, disease, famine and death came to the Egyptians.  And in the end God won!  He did it, he fulfilled his promise and set an entire nation of people free from slavery.

Maybe you’re in a season where things have gone from bad to worse even though you know God has a great plan for you.  You received a promise from God and now everything has just gone wrong or keeps getting harder.  Hold onto the promise and just remember Moses and the Isrealites.  We are still reading his story thousands and thousands of years later.  Just think about what your story will do for generations to come.  You can never know how far reaching your story of suffering and success can go.  With God all things are possible* and he will always win.  Perhaps God is using your story to bring freedom to slaves, healing to the sick or wholeness to the broken.  And that’s how God makes all things work together for good* and brings glory to his name.

1* Romans 8:31

2 * Matthew 19:26

3* Romans 8:28

5 thoughts on “From Bad To Worse To Breakthrough

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  2. This was tremendously encouraging! Thank you so much for sharing this with us at #MADMlinkup Make A Difference Mondays! I am going to share this with my readers on my facebook page at @shelivesfree so they can be encouraged too!

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