Top 5 Natural Baby Products Worth Buying

I am a pretty minimalist mother when it comes to raising my kids.  Whatever they do have has mostly been given as a hand me down of some sort.  With each pregnancy I became more aware of how much plastic was in baby products from toys to bottles to teethers.  I knew this was not the best thing for my kids so I just decided to go without them but there are a lot more natural alternatives now.  There is so much baby ‘stuff’ that is thrown in our face as absolutely essential to raising a healthy and happy baby, which is of course, complete nonsense.  So I thought I would share my top 5 natural baby products with you that I have invested in that I truly feel has added value in some way to raising my kids naturally.

51Rcag8upPL._SL1000_Amber Teething Necklace.  These are worth their weight in gold.  I know some people think its like using some sort of voodoo, but its really not.  Basically Amber has a certain oil in it that when worn releases these oils into the skin.  This oil has proven to sooth teething symptoms and has been used for many generations before us.  It’s just very old school in our high tech baby world.  I bought one for my third baby and have not stopped using it.  I just had to replace it for my youngest and it was misery the whole week she went without it.  The one thing that I noticed with these necklaces is that it completely stops drooling.  Dry chins and chests equals a happy baby.  Use from 3 months plus and select different lengths, colours and shapes for your baby.

61TYMQIozeL._SL1400_Hevea natural pacifier  I never had to use a pacifier much, but for my youngest, Tallulah, I needed a little break at night to get some sleep and this came in so handy.  I was completely at ease with its use due to its purely natural and non-toxic ingredients.  They also do a great teething panda which is great for when your baby wants to put everything in its mouth.

71wSJnkVg3L._SL1500_Organic cotton crib sheets. Completely lovely and seeing that babies spend a good 12+ hours a day for several years lying on them I figured this would be an affordable place to go organic.

71P0ACat+bL._SL1500_Glass baby bottles.  My son was a very difficult feeder and I stuck it out breast feeding for six months at which point I switched to formula.  I felt guilty enough about this so I wanted to go as natural as possible.  I bought organic or goats milk formula and invested in some glass Nuk baby bottles.  The best part is they don’t release a bunch of toxins into the milk when the bottle is hot like plastic does.  I even chose their latex rather than silicone teats to further my good intentions.  You can clean these just like plastic bottles and they last forever.

61HbCZ-V-9L._SL1388_Reusable Nappies.  I wish I had been brave enough to try these out sooner because they saved me over £500 in one year of use. Disposable Nappies are full of chemicals that soak up all the fluid and are made up of mostly plastic which is again, full of toxins.  Most babies skin don’t mind this, but if you’re baby is eczema prone, I would suggest giving reusable nappies a go. It’s like breast feeding, you have to be determined and just stick with it, but in the long run you’ll save a ton of money and have nothing but lovely soft cotton against baby’s skin.  I used the Miosolo all in one’s with velcro straps as they were the closest to a disposable as you could get.  You’ll need a ‘wet bag‘ and some nappy safe laundry detergent as you can’t use any soap to wash these.  These washed out great and I never had any staining.  Great for beginners.


Product Listing:

1. Amber teething necklace

2. Hevea Pacifier

3. Organice Cottong Cot sheet

4. Nuk Glass Baby Bottles

5. Bambino Mio Miosolo all-in-one reusable nappy kit

*This is not a paid promotion, these are all my personal recommendations and I do not receive any money for their reviews.  I am affiliated with so if you wish to buy any of these products through my blog I will receive a small percentage.  Thank you in advance!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Natural Baby Products Worth Buying

  1. I swear by the teething necklaces! My son wore one and then my other son flushed it down the toilet (I know crazy) he went a week with out one and I could tell the difference. It was pretty unbelievable.

  2. Great list! We received that paci as a freebie when we ordered our grovia cloth diapers, but my little one didn’t seem to take it. I totally agree, I could have saved SO much more if I would have done cloth for my first two! Lesson learned I guess..we used them for baby #3 and will def use them for #4!

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