Serving in Love


I remember falling in love.  Such a powerful force that overwhelmed every part of me.  I just couldn’t wait to cook dinner for my husband every night, to fold his laundry, and make sure we always had enough toilet paper.  But then we got settled into married life and I realised how much work it is to take care of a man.

My romantic fantasies had been overtaken by the constant, repetitive work of being a wife.  But remember this is not about us.  Love is always about the other person.  When the list of negatives about your husband is getting longer and longer just think about why you’re even keeping track.  Because love keeps no record of when it has been wronged.*  Our husbands truly do need us in their lives.  But we can go into marriage comparing our 50 (60) year old dad to our 20(30) year old husband.  The standard is set so high that there’s only one way it can go – down.  But let me tell you a secret, it took 50 years for your dad to get that awesome!

We are called to be a support and helper not their boss or landlord.  Our husbands can be like an anchor in our lives keeping our family steady.  And we usually have to be the ones to keep the ship in shape.  They simply won’t notice that their clothes are lying next to the laundry basket instead of in it, that they daily leave the lid off the toothpaste, that their shoes collect next to their bed rather than in the closet and that the sheets need to be washed regularly because they smell like a bear has been sleeping on them. But that’s okay, because we do notice.  And so we can take care of it without throwing it all in our husbands face every day.

I have come to love to serve my husband.  I find it hard, back breaking work sometimes, but all the things I use to resent having to do for him I now do in a service of love.  And by submitting myself to him in this way it humbles my heart towards God.  Because if I can’t submit and serve my husband in these daily tasks how well am I serving God?  There should be no job too small or insignificant for us to do in a service of love towards our husbands and God. 

Turn your eyes toward Jesus and all the little itty bitty minute things that just get under your skin and drive you completely insane…will fade away.**


* I Corinthians 13:4

** 2 Corinthians 4:18

2 thoughts on “Serving in Love

  1. It is so true – marriage takes much work. And it is so worth it! The end of this month, my husband & I will be celebrating our 35th anniversary. I love him more now than I ever have. I have often told him, he is the best thing to happen to me. He has been the tool our God has used to change me over the years. I visited this morning from Whimsical Wed. & am glad I did. I think this is my 1st visit which I always enjoy 🙂 Blessings!

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