What You Didn’t Know About Sippy Cups

My youngest recently had a bad case of gingivitis.  Apparently this is very uncommon for young children to get but she did and she had it bad.  Bleeding swollen gums, lots of pain and sleepless nights.  A few days of antibiotics and she was on the mend but I was on a mission to figure out how she got it in the first place.  Then I took a good look at all their sippy cups and discovered something.

This is what I saw when I looked behind the lid of my kids favourite cup.  Looks nice and clean – no problems here.


Then I tried something new and took it apart. This is what I found lurking behind the seemingly white and clean leak stopper.


Utterly revolting.  I could practically hear the screeching sounds of Psycho in my head.  The horror!!!!


How did I miss this??  How long have my kids been drinking from a bacteria infested cup?  I then went and took apart every single sippy cup and got very busy cleaning and disinfecting them.  At the end of it I was surprised all my kids didn’t have gingivitis.

Sooooo just a little heads up to all you other momma’s out there to get into those cupboards and start deconstruction all your sippy cups and start scrubbing away. I didn’t use any ‘sterilising’ tablets or chemicals, just good old hot water and soap and a good scrubbing got that mouldy lid like new again.

Clean sippy cups equals clean gums.  Happy scrubbing!

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