Our Easter Weekend





girls brighton poster

I’m sorry this post is a day late, but we’ve been too busy playing and having fun to allow time for work.  Friends and family always come first and there was a lot of them around this weekend.  Here’s a peek at what we were busy doing this Easter.



We made our best effort to make it to the beach over the long weekend and it was definitely worth it!  These kids know how to have a good time.


kids on the beach


Jenny B&W


I absolutely loved seeing my baby girl on her first ever ride sitting next to her big brother.  Firsts are always special.

lulah ride


  My brave girls on the biggest ride of the day, water log splash.  I was screaming all the way down while they sat in complete silence.  How do they do it?!?

water log

This is a beautiful Easter blessing.  10 ducklings hatched on Good Friday just outside our dining room.  Such teeny tiny fluffy cuteness!


Oh yes, my little man got to sit inside a Ferrari in Town during the Italian Festival.  All I could think of was trainers and white leather are NOT a good combination!!!



I took the girls to the woods while I lapped around for a run.  I came back and found these pictures on my phone.  My heart completed melted!

photo 4-2

Bluebells, everywhere.  My niece was baptised on Good Friday and we were all there to witness it.  I cried my eyes out, children are a blessing from the Lord.

photo 3-2

What did you get up to this Easter weekend??

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