Why I Make My Bed Everyday

There are two types of people in the world.  Those that make their bed and those that don’t.  I was raised in a clean, tidy and organised home but I started life as an adult at a very young age.  At 17 I moved to another country for Bible College and had the responsibility of taking care of my own home.  Then at 19 I was married and working full time in London.  And guess what – we never made our bed!  As newlyweds we would jump out of bed as late as possible and race out the door as fast we could.  Every now and again I would comment on our unmade bed and would even make it up all nice just before getting back into at night.

As the years passed in our marriage I would surpress the disappointment of my unmade bed by simply closing the door to our room every morning.  But then I had a thought – how long does it actually take to make our bed?  So I started counting as I made my bed, 1 – lift up blanket, 2, 3 blanket down, 4 first pillow straight, 5 second pillow straight, 6 7 tug tug, 8. It only took 8 seconds?!? 8 seconds! And we were living through a whole day of an unmade bed because we were unwilling to put in 8 seconds of effort!

So we made a rule.  The last one out of bed makes the bed.  Many years have passed since that rule was made and not a day goes by without our bed being made.  And here’s why.

1. Your whole room looks more tidy

Trust me on this one.  No matter what else you’ve got thrown around or lying around your room it will look immensely more tidy having the bed made.

2. It creates order in your mind to focus on your day

Order in the house brings order in your mind.

3. It helps you sleep better

Walking into a clutter free and tidy room at night helps you to relax and get to sleep easier.  Plus you don’t have to spend any time finding your pillows or pulling your blanket back up to the top.

4. It sets the example for my kids to make their own beds

This is a biggie.  If you ever want your kids to make their own beds then you better start setting the example now.  Your children will only ever be as tidy as you are.  You cannot expect or require any more from them than what you put in.

5. It helps make the whole house tidy

Starting with a tidy bedroom each morning gives me the happy motivation I need to get on with the rest of the house.  For me the next is the kitchen/dining room and then the living room and last is the kids rooms.

So, how many seconds does it take to make your bed??

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