Pray Together, Stay Together


Some couples have no inhibitions.  No fear or insecurity when it comes to revealing their true selves.  But ask them to pray together and oh boy, that’s just a bridge too far.  Why do we need to pray together?  Is it necessary?  There’s a lot of other things I’d rather do with my husband than pray with him. What’s the point?

My husband and I fell in love with each other while we were in love with Jesus.  This has set a foundation in our marriage that is Christ centred.  Sure we’ve had to go through the newlywed learning curve, the rough patches and relational challenges that come with every marriage.  But something we have always done first is pray together.  This would honestly come to our mind as the first thing to do when discussing issues, differences or challenges.  And we knew that praying together made our prayers more effective and powerful*. 

Praying together bonds us, unites us and brings God’s blessing into our marriage and family.  We have always pursued God to discover his plan for us as a family in every area of life – marriage, family, career, church, friendships, finances, etc.  I get such a sense of stability and peace knowing that not only is my husband seeking God’s plan for us, but that we can seek and listen together.  This is one way my husband shows his love for me, by treating me as an equal partner in our faith*.  Our faith gets strengthened so much when we share our hearts with God in prayer together.  God has always been faithful and given us strength, courage, direction, peace, purpose and blessing in our unity of spirit.

Praying with your husband can be very intimidating and that’s because it is intimate.  Your heart and soul are revealed in your prayer life and that can be a scary thing to bare.  But the benefit far, far, FAR outweighs the sacrifice.  You have to actually pray out loud to break the fear.  It doesn’t take fancy words or long prayers, it takes an open and humble heart to submit yourself to God and your husband.

Being open in prayer as a couple brings freedom, intimacy and blessing into our marriage.  If you want to start seeing God impact your family in a greater and more effective way then start working together in your faith.  So take that step of faith – together – and start uniting in prayer to bring real change into your marriage.

* James 5:17

**1 Peter 3:7

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