Getting Rid of Clutter

So this is our last week in the Cleaning Through Spring series.  You can click here to read through all the posts.  Now that March is at an end its time for us to finish all those odds and ends jobs that just seem to get passed over throughout the rest of the year.  My husband is in India again this week and with him out of the house its given me a clearer idea of exactly what jobs I want to get done by the end of the month.  They mostly come down to organising.  There are lot of things that seem to end up in piles around our house.  My bedside table attracts clutter like kids to candy.  Every whatnot and thingy-ma-jig possible ends up there for some reason.  Hair ties and clips – check, very important paperwork – check, used mugs and glasses – check.  One rule I have most certainly learned is clutter attracts clutter.

For me, the reason I end up with enormous piles of stuff around the house is because I’m unable to always follow through with tasks.  Whilst hoovering I’ll pick up that lost piece to the puzzle and put it on the mantle and continue hoovering.  When opening the mail in my room I’ll have to put it down before taking it to my office to be filed, and then of course as the children move freely around the house toys, coins, hair ties, pencils, shoes and everything else imaginable can be littered from room to room.

It’s one thing for me to teach my children to pick up after themselves, but I have to do the same!!  So this week I’ll be tackling – piles.  Organise, sort, move and throw away anything and everything that has collected in the wrong place.  And following on from my previous posts I’m starting in my bedroom.  Again, when it comes to cleaning take it one task at a time.  Taking on too much in one go ends in disappointment and leaves you wondering why you bothered in the first place.

Take a loot a this list to get you started in tackling your piles.

  1. Throw away any rubbish from the pile first.

  2. Stack things that belong together and put away (e.g. paperwork, books, clothes)

  3. Create a home for odds and ends such as paperclips and lego pieces.  Don’t just add it to another pile!

  4. Clean the surface

  5. Keep the surface as minimal as possible.  Having a clean and bare surface creates a big sense of space in the room and order in your mind.

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