Help! I Need Somebody


I’ve been reading through the old testament and I’ve finally made it to Exodus – hooray!  I’m so loving all the intense and intriguing stories.  I’m now reading through the story of Moses and its another one of those amazingly epic stories that has carved the foundations of our faith.

As Moses was tending his sheep one day in the wilderness he came to Mount Sinai and saw a bush that was on fire but was not being burned.  He drew closer in amazement and then God himself spoke to Moses.  He wanted Moses to return to Egypt and set the Hebrew slaves free from Pharaoh.  Now Moses’ first response to the audible voice and physical presence of God was a protest.  Can you believe it!  God had come down to earth just to speak to Moses, his chosen one, to tell him to go and do a great thing and Moses protested God’s plan.  Wow.  Now from all the other stories from the Old Testament something as simple as not sacrificing the right kind of sheep could cause God to kill you, but here was Moses arguing with God himself.

But God had already chosen Moses.  He knew all of Moses’ shortcomings, weaknesses and character flaws.  He didn’t need to be reminded of them.  Moses was afraid that he couldn’t speak properly, that nobody would listen to a runaway Hebrew Prince and felt he would never succeed in God’s plan.  Now this made God angry but rather than just striking him down dead and moving on to the next available person God listened to Moses.  He listened!  Just as he had been listening to the cries of his oppressed people he heard Moses’ objections to his plan.

So what did God do about it.  He brought in a helper.  He gave Moses a sidekick, his blood brother Aaron,  who would help him fulfil God’s plan in delivering the Isrealites out of Egypt.  And they did.

There are times in our lives when God asks great things of us.  When he reveals his purpose for our lives we can suddenly see all of our weaknesses and rather than just saying yes we can go into panic mode and start trying to find a way out.  We are allowed to ask for help.  He wants us to succeed!!  God is willing to place people in our lives who will walk beside us to fulfil our God given purpose.    And He will do everything he can to make sure we do.  All we have to do is obey.

What is God asking you to do?  Is there someone God has placed in your life to help you succeed?

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