Spring Cleaning Check List


The Sun is shining the air is warming and the flowers are blooming.  Spring is most certainly here.  We’ve all heard about spring cleaning but many of us don’t really know what makes spring such a special time of year to do some extra cleaning.  Well I’ve put together a few things that are great to take care at this time each year.  As soon as the weather gets dry and a little bit warm it means it’s time to get your ‘clean’ on.  By doing a little extra work in the Spring you can give your house a little facelift after a winter of having windows closed and curtains drawn.   Spring is the best time to get to those nitty gritty jobs that often get overlooked and freshen up your home for the rest of the year.

Now if cleaning isn’t your favourite thing then why not set the challenge to tackle one item per week.  Having a goal to set and accomplish can give you that boost you need to get the job done.  I like to also have a little reward in mind at the end.  Having something to look forward to like buying some fresh flowers for the house, having friends for a braai/bbq or buying a little something for myself  is always a good incentive.

Spring Cleaning Check List

Open a window in each room for at least 30 minutes

Your house needs fresh air.  This will reduce odour, mildew and dust in your house. Try to do this whenever you strip the sheets off the beds to help freshen up the mattress and pillows as well.

Dust from ceiling to floor

When I say dust I mean use a damp cloth ( I prefer microfibre) and wipe down all along mouldings and skirting boards.  Dusting with a dry cloth merely moves the dust around. Using a microfibre cloth and water means there’s on need for any toxic sprays to be involved.  I also wipe down plug sockets light switches as I’m going by them.  Take a broom to collect those hanging dusty cobweb things (anyone got a name for those???) from the ceiling and walls.

Disinfect all door handles, light switches and drawer handles

Has anyone in your house been sick in the past six months?  Door handles hold loads of germs from the mere fact that everyone in the house has to touch them.  The best way to kill the germs without toxins is to spray or wipe down with hydrogen peroxide 6%.  You can buy this in Sainsbury’s (not Tesco) at the pharmacy for just over a £1 and is the best disinfectant you will ever need.

Clean windows inside and out

A winter of rain, sleet and sometimes snow leaves our windows dirty and dull.  Clean with a mixture of half warm white vinegar and half fairy liquid for a scrub free and squeaky clean window.

Clean mattresses and pillows

Did you know that our slept on mattresses contain anywhere between 100,000 to 10 million dust mites*?  Yikes!!  But the good news is that we can reduce this by sprinkling baking soda all over the bare mattress, leave for at least 15 minutes then take your vacuum extension and hoover it right up**.  This kills and removes dust mites – brilliantly – and getting rid of them in Spring kills off any that survived the Winter giving you a fresh mattress for the rest of the year.  Also our pillows are supposed to be washed every three months because they quickly build up dead skin cells, dust mites and mildew.  Put two in the wash at a time to balance the washer and if you have a dryer put in a dryer ball or tennis ball to keep its shape and eliminate all moisture.




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