Tidy Ever After – A Cleaning Routine To Live By

Tidy ever after

To have a tidy home you have to actually tidy your home.  That’s some serious insight right there – just kidding.  But we can very easily make ourselves too busy to even be at home long enough to make a difference.  We can go from toddler group to coffee morning to school run to play dates and suddenly a whole week goes by without us having the time to do the housework.

Because it really is true that a women’s work is never done.  I used to never get what that meant, but now having a family of my own and a household to manage I totally do!  The work we do in our homes will never have a completion date.  It’s repetitive and constant. I have found that having one to two days at home each week is how I can stay on top of it all.

Complaining about all the housework doesn’t make it any easier.  It doesn’t make a fairy Godmother appear who takes away all our dirty laundry and cleans all the dishes with a flick of her wand.  It’s all still there when the pity party is over.  So put on the kettle, have a nice cuppa and let’s get to work.  Something that helps me motor through the housework each week is having a guideline to work to in my weekly schedule.

Monday is home day

Weekends are very tiring for me so Monday is a day of rest and recovery in the home.   I don’t go crazy with housework but just being at home all day means I can do up to 4 loads of laundry, clean the kitchen and pick up and put away.

Clean your room first.

This may seem strange, but I will always clean and tidy my room first before all the others because I need to keep it a restful place.  It used to be the last room I cleaned (meaning I never got to cleaning it) because no body else used it, but I’ve come to need one room in the house that is a kid free zone and therefore provides a place of rest for both hubby and me.

Clean your bathroom when you  use your bathroom

I always clean my kids bathroom as I’m getting their bath ready.  I have cleaning supplies in all my bathrooms because that’s when I remember to clean them.  If I have to go and get the cleaning supplies it usually means I get sidetracked and the job doesn’t get done.

Fold and put away all the clothes twice a week.

This can quickly add up to a huge job (that gets bigger and bigger in my mind every time I think about it).  In reality it takes under 10 minutes and creates so much more space!  I do this mostly when my youngest is asleep to make it an even quicker job.

Clean the kitchen after school run.

Trying to clean the kitchen while the kids are eating breakfast and I’m making packed lunches (and all the adults are dipping in for their morning tea and coffee) gets overwhelming and stressful really fast.  So I wait until my two oldest are out the door for school, my younger two are settled in the living room and I’m alone in the kitchen.  Again, in under 10 minutes the whole kitchen is clean and tidy and then it’s time for morning tea!

Clean all surfaces first and leave the floors till last.

When you clean the surfaces (countertops, coffee tables etc.) half the dirt ends up on the floor.  Saving the floors till last means you won’t be disappointment at the end of the day that you ever bothered to get the hoover out.

Get the kids to tidy up all their toys before dinner.

This is a really small thing that makes all the difference to me at the end of the day.  We actually have a dinner bell that gets rung loud and hard every day.  But before we all run to the dining table we put away the toys in the living room.  So at the end of the day when mummy and daddy go sit in the living room we don’t have to do more work to sit down on the sofa instead of a Mega Block.

Do you have a cleaning routine?  Share yours in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Tidy Ever After – A Cleaning Routine To Live By

  1. Fab tips, I don’t have a routine anymore as I’m pleased to say I have enough time and I like cleaning but when the twins were little and I was working more I had set tasks for set days like you. Mich x

  2. I always clean my bedroom first too. It doesn’t make any sense, especially when we’re having guests over as it’s the only room they probably won’t see but it helps me feel calm and in control!

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