In the Morning Give Me Jesus


Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy,wealthy and wise. – unknown

My parents always said this to me growing up and being a morning person myself I figured I had learned the true meaning by the age of 13. But the older I get the busier I get leaving less time for sleep!  I literally do want there to be more hours in the day – well actually just the night time – so I can have time for work, play and SLEEP!

My body needs it, my spirit needs it and my family needs it. Waking up cranky and achy leaves me feeling not so enthused for morning devotions at the breakfast table and I find that skipping this precious and crucial time with my kids causes a day of wariness and impatience rather than love and long-suffering.

So to encourage myself I want to encourage you also to spend some time this morning with God. No matter how rubbish we may feel in the morning giving a little time to God has a huge effect on our attitude in the day.  It’s because of him that we get to wake up every morning and he’s always waiting for us just so he can share how much he loves us.  And that’s definitely worth getting up for.

In the morning when I rise give me Jesus. You can have all this world, but give me Jesus – Give Me Jesus -hymn

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