Non Toxic Make Up – RMS & Ilia Review

Make up box

My Valentine’s gift this year was a great surprise.   A nice bundle of money to spend on some new make up!  That is sweet, sweet music to my ears.  My mum raised me to be a lady and as such has shown me that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to make up.  Once I reached 16 she started to pass me her make up samples

I used to love to watch my mum carefully line her lips and then add gorgeous pops of colour every day.  To me she was a movie star – but better!  If we were out and about just us girls and were returning home to my dad she would always (always, always, always) do a check in the mirror and put on a fresh coat of divine coloured lipstick.  And as we would come home with my mum’s face all aglow with anticipation, my dad would walk right up to her and kiss that lipstick right off – every time!

I’ve mentioned before the lessons my mother taught me about the power of lipstick in marriage when I was a new mum.  It might not be your thing, but for me it can transform my whole face and acts like a homing beacon for my husband when he gets home from work.  

Okay, so back to the make up!  I’ve  been wanting to transition my make up bag to all natural products so I got busy and started doing my homework.  Did you know that 61% of lipsticks contain lead???  To see what’s in your make up and the level of toxicity check out the  Skin Deep Database.  You can type in the brand and product and it will list ingredients and show which are toxic.  A real eye opener.

The first applied RMS ‘un’ cover up concealer and oh my….absolutely unbelievable.  I’ve never really had a make up item that I would say I couldn’t go without, but I do now.  The ‘un’ cover up concealer is incredibly light in texture and a little bit goes a really long way. Plus it stayed put all day and didn’t leave any creases.  And the same went for the matt bronzing cream.  Absolutely lovely.  I also got the Ilia multi stick in Tenderley and lipstick in Funnel of Love.  These are beautiful colours that are great for everyday.  I do most of my make up in the car (while the kids are all strapped down with no hope escape) where I can put my make up on without the threat of being bumped or pulled at that dreaded moment of putting on mascara.  But that means I have under 5 minutes to get it all done so having these four products plus a BB cream and mascara are all I need to get the job done.

My verdict – these products are pricey but well worth the price tag.  These products are long lasting, have a beautiful texture and colour and performed just like any other big brand make up.  If you can invest in one thing definitely go for the RMS  ‘un’ cover up concealer.  Absolutely life changing.

So do you want to see what it looks like????

Product List:

Ilia multi stick in Tenderley £30

Ilia lipstick in Funnel of Love £22

RMS Beauty ‘Un’ Cover Up in 11 £28

RMS Beauty Burity Bronzer £25

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