February Half-Term In Pictures

Lula Bear Walk Another half-term holiday has passed and the week was filled with children.  I mean, a lot of children.  We just kept adding and adding children until we just couldn’t add anymore!  By Friday we had 8 kids for the day with friends coming over with two more, which took us right up to 10 children! So I called for reinforcements in the form of my lovely teenage baby-sitter, Naomi.  She served as fun and playful crowd controller.  And amazingly enough we made it all the way through the day and ended up with happy children and a clean house!  I was so impressed by these kids, they played non-stop with little to no aggravations.  Once again I am amazed at how much love and family I have in my life.  I am truly blessed.

We enjoyed muddy walks, dancing on mummie’s bed, drawing, story telling and epic hallway lasers rounded off with more dancing on mummie’s bed.  I also had a few lovely surprises.  My Valentine’s gift arrived in the post with my all-natural make up and provided a new game of styrafoam waterfall. I was also given some beautiful tulips from my very lovely friend, Hayley, which I’ve been admiring every day in my window.

So here is our February half-term in pictures.

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