How To Be Spontaneous

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Almost every Sunday after church as soon as we’re all in the car I can expect my husband to say ‘lets go do something.  Lets go to the beach or for a walk somewhere’.  And as my pragmatic brain works I already know that Sunday afternoons are perfect napping times for all four kids, everybody is starving after church and that we aren’t dressed appropriately for going to the beach – in the winter.

Now this is spontaneity at its best.  Forget plans, forget preparation lets just do it!  But in my experience the more spontaneous the idea the more work and likelihood of let-down there is.

So you see in order to be spontaneous you need to be, well…organised.

Would you like to be able to invite people round last minute for dinner?  Or invite a few people over for Sunday lunch from church that same day?  Well unless you’re willing to order take-out, stock up on large quantities of Tesco Finest Meals and have a maid who strategically comes every Friday to get your house ‘guest ready’ for the weekend, it’s time to get organised.

The best way to enjoy spontaneity is to pre-empt it.  For example, when do you find yourself being the most spontaneous?  When its sunny outside, when dinner isn’t cooked or when the kids are on holiday?  By figuring out what causes your spontaneous urges you can easily prepare for them.

For me, if it’s 5 o’clock and I look up at the clock and realise I haven’t thought about dinner I’ll suddenly crave for pizza!  My lesson, always keep a ready made meal in the freezer and boom! – I’ve just saved us £30.  I  also have a ‘Summer day-out’ bag ready to go with all the seasonal essentials.  It’s equipped with swim suits, sunscreen, swimming nappies, lighters for bbq’s, sandals, sun hats and homemade baby powder.  If the sun is shining on a weekend my family will suggest either swimming or the beach (in summer and winter!).  I have learned to just keep a bag stocked with everything we need for these days out.  So now rather than spending an hour tracking down six swimsuits, towels etc. we can just grab our pre packed bag and GO!

So you see being just a little bit organised can make being spontaneous all the more fun and care free without dreading how you’ll get through the day without a single wet wipe!

Have a happy (spontaneous) weekend  x

What are your spontaneous urges and how do you prepare for them?  Share your tips in the comments!

9 thoughts on “How To Be Spontaneous

  1. Lol, Sunday afternoon are our spontaneous times too but I’m exceptionally lucky that now we live ina community we arrived back from church to a fully cooked roast dinner every Sunday lunchtime and then can take off wherever we fancy. I have a grab it bag too and at the moment it is full of wellies, scarves and snacks! Mich x

  2. I have just found your blog from Mary and Martha and I can tell I’m going to love it already! This is exactly my mantra too….horray for organisation! I look forward to reading more now. Nice to ‘meet’ you, I hope we can be friends!

  3. You are one prepared lady. What a great thought to be prepared for spontaneity. It was fun to me as I read this and saw your reference to Tesco. Most Americans wouldn’t know what you’re talking about, but having lived in Europe, I smiled to see this reference to a familiar discount store. : )
    I hope today brings you some spontaneous joy.

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