The Big Gesture

The Big Gesture

A note of advisory – this post is for married couples only.  You’ve been warned!

I know that Valentine’s Day is like marmite.  You either love it or hate it.  When I was single I used to roll my eyes at all the romantic fluff on the telly, but as soon as I got married it became a sacred day in our year.

For me the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to do some extra gesture to show your love for each other.  For example, if your man despises Valentine’s Day because it’s just a marketing ploy to steal money from his wallet with overpriced cards and absolutely mandatory roses than why not find a free way of expressing your love to him.  And likewise husbands, if your wives are just waiting for you to come home and sweep them off their feet that day, give it a go.

So guys think real hard about your wife and find one thing that would just make her day.  Would it be not having to cook and wash up, coming home from work early and putting the kids to bed or maybe going out for a movie in the middle of the week.  Perhaps something as simple as adding some music, a candle and a bottle of wine to your dinner that evening, walking through the door sweeping her off her feet and kissing her until she melts like putty in your arms – are you getting the picture?  Show an expression of love that is a little over the top, a little extra-ordinary and bam! – you’ve made a big romantic gesture.

Now ladies I’m gonna be real straight with you.  If there’s no sex involved on Valentines’ Day it doesn’t matter what else you do to show your man you love him, they’re going to be disappointed.  One of the easiest ways us wives can show a gesture of love for our husbands is spicing it up in the bedroom.  By being the initiator on this one day of the year you can seriously make your husband feel like superman.

If you give it a little thought you can find a way to express your love meaningfully, not expensively.  So go ahead and enjoy each other.  Find a new way to celebrate your love this Valentine’s Day.

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