A Little Less Romance, A Lot More Love

A little less romance

I remember Valentine’s day when I was 15 and single.  I was half way through high school, living in America at the time, and had just watched my oldest brother get married and my other brother get engaged.  I had reached that stage where I was getting that ‘when will it happen to me’ feeling.  And then Valentine’s day came and, of course, with zero prospects I was going to get through the day watching romcoms and eating any unwanted chocolate gifts.

When my dad got home from work that day he came in holding a dozen crimson roses that he lavishly bestowed upon my mother.  But then what happened next took me totally by surprise.  My dad gave me a valentine’s gift!  Not roses or chocolates or an overpriced hand crafted card, but a Starbucks gift card and the new Josh Groban CD.  I mean, who needs a teenage boyfriend when you can drink Starbucks while listening to Josh Groban??  I felt so incredibly loved by my dad because he thought of me on that Valentine’s day and not just my mum.

Now fast forward 10 years later and I’m married and 4 months pregnant with baby number four and have absolutely no interest in Valentine’s day.  I mean my body was literally using up all the love I had received from my husband to create yet another baby and I was really not in need of any extra love – please, no more!  So my gracious husband told me we didn’t have to go anywhere and we could just watch a movie together and he would get some nice dessert.  Now he was speaking my language!

But seeing the season we were in my oldest brother and his wife decided to share a little bit of their love and spent half a day turning the living room into a romantic restaurant just for us.  There were dangling fairy lights surrounding a table just for two complete with flowers, candles and champagne and a lovely steak dinner. After dinner we went to our bedroom to find our TV set up in our room with a selection of DVD’s and a divine chocolate dessert next to the bed.  I was in heaven!

These Valentine’s days have been special in my life because it was couples sharing love beyond their own marriage.  So let’s be a different kind of Valentine this week and share a little less romance and a lot more love to those around us.

Happy Valentine’s xx

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