Coming Home

When I was hurting, angry, bitter and lost in my shame I made the three classic mistakes that Simba made, I listened to the lies, ran away and tried to hide from my problems thinking I would have to make a new life for myself as a different person.  And while I was hiding I forgot who I really was – a child of God.  But I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life stuck in the wilderness.  So I stood up to the enemy and decided to take back what was mine.  

I stayed at church, I stayed married, and bit by bit I remembered who I really was.  I realised through every worship song, every bible verse and prayer that I had been forgiven.  And with that forgiveness comes freedom.  I didn’t have to live in the turmoil of my past mistakes.  I was given a new life.  I was given a new hope.  I was given salvation by grace.  I just had to take hold of it.

The question we need to ask is why did Scar (the enemy) want Simba out of the Pride Land?  Why did he want him to not just leave but never return?  I’ll tell you why, he wanted to steal the promise and inheritance of Simba’s throne.

As sons and daughters of the King, Jesus, we are all included in the inheritance of God.  We are all royal.  And that’s the one thing the enemy will always try to take away from us – our inheritance and promise of eternal life.  The enemy does not want us in God’s house, he wants us in the wilderness.  So he will do anything to make you run away from the Kingdom of God and believe you don’t deserve His inheritance.  That God doesn’t love you or want you.  These are all lies.

To remember who we are  we need to remember who our Father is and where we really belong.

“In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope… and into an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade.”*

Don’t let the enemy rob you of what is rightfully yours. Don’t give in and surrender your birth right. Choose to believe the truth – that Jesus died on the Cross to bring salvation and set you free from the lies of the enemy.   You are royalty, you have a promise of an inheritance.  You belong in the Kingdom of God.  And like Simba did, run back to the Kingdom and take back what is yours.

In the words of Rafiki – “It is time.”

*I Peter 1:3

This is the last the Lion King Lessons.  To read the series click here.

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