Lion King Lessons – Don’t Believe The Lie

josiah and simba How many of you have watched the Lion King? It’s one of my son’s favourite movies and so I’ve watched it countless times.  But one day whilst watching it I learned something from  the story of Simba.  I realised that what Simba went through in the movie is what so many of us go through in life.  Let me take you through the beginning of the story.

Simba is born a prince, heir to the throne, and boy does he love it.  He ‘just can’t wait to be King’! He’s excited about all the privilege, blessing and promise of being a member of the royal family.  But being a prince he is a big target.  The ‘Enemy’ (Scar) prowls around seeking how he can remove Simba from the throne (1 Peter 5:8).  And one day he succeeds.  He kills Simba’s father, Mufasa, and starts speaking lies to Simba and puts so much blame, shame and fear into Simba  that he runs away and never returns.  The crazy thing is that Simba didn’t even do anything wrong, but he was manipulated into taking the blame.  He didn’t think he could be forgiven and instead believed Scar’s lies.

Have you ever felt like that? Well, I have.  I was 18, in love and engaged – to my now wonderful husband.  I was part of an amazing, growing church and felt completely on top of the world.  And then my world came tumbling down.  One bad decision left me completely in ruins.  Feeling my shame, guilt, and remorse I would walk into church feeling as though I had a sign on my forehead saying “worst sinner of all”.  I felt as though my wrong doing was unforgivable and that I would never be accepted as the same person again.  All I wanted to do was hide.  Traumatic life experiences shake us to the very core exposing our innermost self.  That’s exactly when the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10) and he does this by lying to us.

At first I believed his lies.  I became scared, anxious and even bitter towards those closest to me. But did you know that if we believe the lies of the enemy we forfeit our inheritance and walk away from the Kingdom.  

There’s more to this story.  Look out for the next post.

6 thoughts on “Lion King Lessons – Don’t Believe The Lie

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