Our Big Family Christmas

Christmas was big, fun and hearty this year.  With special guests from the states with us, Ken and Janie Garber, we totalled a number of 14 on Christmas day.  With a ratio of 8 adults to 6 children there were equal amounts of chaos and order to make the whole day a great success.  I enjoyed every smile, laugh and loving tear with each present being opened.  It truly was a love filled day.  We started off on Christmas Eve at church with a candle procession from the kids and a nativity with two live donkeys.  Christmas day started nice and early with a super scrummy breakfast of fresh cinnamon rolls (my one contribution to Christmas day food).  The children then waited in the hallway shouting (let us in, let us in) as we got all cameras to the ready as we flung open the doors to the lounge and captured every eye-popping, jaw dropping expression from the children as they saw the presents.  An absolutely priceless moment that we then bring to a simmer as we start by reading the nativity story.

Wrapping presents until midnight and then waking up at 5 am to make fresh cinnabons was absolutely worth it.  And I have to say a big thank you to my sister-in-law, Shelley, for diligently taking a lovely picture of our christmas tree with all the presents at 1 am on Christmas Eve and to Janie Garber for taking some lovely family pictures on the day.  Everyone had a great time celebrating and enjoying all the blessings from having Jesus in our lives and I hope you did too.

So here it is in pictures our Chesney/Cupido Christmas of 2013.

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