My Year of Christmas Cheer

With only a week and a half left until Christmas I have to say I have so far succeeded in maintaining a completely calm, peaceful and un-manic state of being.  I have spent the month enjoying family, friends and church, watching my two oldest in their nativity at school, making lists, meal planning, writing christmas cards and doing absolutely no Christmas shopping!

Every year I start the Christmas season with the same pep talk with my husband “we’re not spending a lot of money this Christmas”.  And then by the middle of December we step onto the high street and suddenly our family and friends need absolutely everything in the shop windows!  And since this has happened so consistently year after year we have finally taken a stand and not walked down the high street.  In fact I’ve spent the least amount of money this month out of the entire year (I keep track of these things now).

Do I feel shopping withdrawals, deprived, depressed, left-out or nervous about what we’re going to give people at Christmas??  Am I lying awake at night wondering what our friends and family will think of us for simply not buying them a gift and instead opting for something homemade or bought solely with Tesco vouchers?  Absolutely not.  Instead I am praising Jesus and rejoicing in His unfailing faithfulness for being my source and yes, the reason for the season.

This Christmas I fully intend on spending all my time, energy and love on family and friends and celebrating in the amazing gift of salvation that all started with the birth of our saviour, Jesus.

Here’s a peek at what I’ve been up to this month.

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