Don’t Give Up

I wrote that scripture this week on my chalkboard next to my bedroom door.  Every morning I’ve woken up and seen those words.  Every time I’ve had to walk out my bedroom door I’ve looked at it and remembered – don’t grow weary, don’t give up.

It’s tough, I know it’s tough.  It’s a long, hard battle to the finish line and sometimes we can’t even see where the finish line is.  But don’t grow weary in doing good.  Because if we don’t give up there’s a reward, a harvest.  Oh what a beautiful harvest it will be.  To see our own children growing up to love and serve Christ, loving their spouses, and sharing the love of salvation with their own children one day.  This is not a short-term gain.  This is a harvest that reaps for generations to come and echoes in eternity.

When we’re knee-deep in smelly nappies, toddler tantrums, sleepless nights and shuttling our kids here, there and everywhere, we can sometimes forget that there’s any finish line at all.  What are we working towards again?  What’s the goal?  Is there a goal?

Yes, yes there is.  Don’t lose sight and don’t give up.  Keep going, roll up those sleeves and pull up those boots and keep on doing good.  Don’t give up.  You’re doing a good thing – holding a sick baby for hours on end praying for their health, blessing your kids with love as they go into school, feeding them with the last scraps of food made with love, praising them when they achieve and gently bringing correction when they fall short.  You’re right in the midst of doing good.  And if you feel like today you haven’t done a good job all it takes is a moment with God to receive forgiveness and find new hope in our situation.

Don’t give up because you will reap a harvest, but in the proper time.  And if you’re thinking ‘well now would be a really great time for a harvest God!’ Please, don’t give up.  It will come.  Stand in faith for this promise.   Sow seeds of faith into your children and love your children in faith for their future.  This promise reaches beyond today into eternity.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest IF we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

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