Life Goes On

This week my husband has been in India.  India!  He has never been so far for so long ever in our entire marriage.  I was sure I would handle things just fine as he hasn’t been home much anyway in the past few months because of his studies.  But wow!  It’s Friday, he’s flying home tonight and I am t-i-r-e-d.

We were thankfully able to Face Time pretty much every day so the kids got to see him.  This confused my two year old son so much.  All he would say to him was “Daddy where are you?”  But life has gone on without him and what I have missed the most about having him home is his hug.  That safe, secure, loving and gentle hug that just tells me everything is going to work out fine and we’ll all be OK.

So without that reassuring hug here’s what got me through my week.

Happy Weekend! X

Is your husband away from home much? How do you cope without him around?

One thought on “Life Goes On

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