For better or for worse

Tynjen @ Wembley


It’s November we’re starting the countdown to Christmas and life is already crazy full.  As I’ve mentioned before my husband has exams coming up, in three weeks to be exact, and in that time he has to lead the children’s group at church twice, spend two days in London revising at Uni, fly off to India for a week of work, attend home group and prayer meetings, work, work and study, study and study some more.  This is nothing new for us as a family as he’s been doing this for 7 years now, but the amount of hard work, dedication and grit and spit, spit and grit we have to put into this season never ceases to amaze me!


And yet somehow we still have to make time for our marriage.  How oh how can we possible do that!  Well I’ll tell you, we laugh together, as much as possible.  Whenever we have an hour on the couch watching telly we’ll watch something that makes us both laugh and if it doesn’t we’ll turn it off and talk and laugh about all the crazy silly things going on in our lives.  I used to really struggle with this.  I would get offended if my husband would try to make a joke about all the hard work I/he/we were doing thinking he didn’t care about it all.  Oh how naive I was.  My husband truly is amazing.  It’s taken me so much time to figure it all out.  But he’s really helped me see the joy in life even during times of struggle, to see the beauty when everything is a mess, and to share love when you feel you have nothing left to give.  Hearing my husband laugh is medicine to my weary bones and laughing with him is such a liberating expression of our love for each other.  And at the end of every day we can look each other in the eyes, smile and say, “I love you” even when we’ve had the worst day/week/month/year of our lives.  And that is marriage.  Choosing to love each other for better and for worse.  It sounds so sweet when you’re exchanging vows at the altar, but living it out is a whole different thing.  I choose to love my husband when the road gets rough and the tough gets tougher.

For my love, my one and only…



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